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Policy Council Minutes No vember 15, 202

Submitted on: December 10, 2021

Members Present:  Tamika Rowe, Angela Brown, Jasmin Aiken, Brittany Lyle, Dorett Gunter, Demetria Hall, LaKeisha Johnson, Carl Powe, Johniya Kirksey, Donnittia Robinson

Members Absent: Janelly Ortiz, Megan Crocker, Crystal Gray, Brianna Williams, Brittany Money, Justin Grant, Jessica Godfrey, Melissa Gregory,

Excused Absences:  Lisa Butler

The Policy Council meeting was called to order by Lakeisha Johnson, Vice-Chair.  A quorum was met.


The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed by the Policy Council (See Attachment). Tamika Rowe made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Carl Powe seconded the motion. The motion was carried.                                                                        


The Personnel Report was given by Melissa Botsoe, Information Coordinator II.   All perspective new employees have been interviewed and being recommended for employment with our program. All applicants are subject to Background Investigation as mandated by the S.C. Department of Social Services. This includes State and Federal Background Investigation and the Child Registry Search to determine if any abuse or neglect has been made against a child and Pre-employment Drug Screenings. Also, we will conduct reference checks on all perspective new employees. Appointments are conditional based upon the receipt of satisfactory references, state, and federal background investigation and approval from the Head Start Policy Council. Each full-time employee must serve a three-month introductory probationary period before obtaining regular appointment status. Substitutes are on an as needed basis.  Mrs. Botsoe submitted a request for the approval of seven new hires: For the Head Start Program, Annette Wimpey will be a Teacher Assistant at the Reece Mill Road location and Cassandra Jenkins will be a cook at the North Franklin Road location, Angela Bell, Substitute Cook at Easley Bridge Road, and Jaminisha Cain, Substitute Teacher Assistant at the Pickens center. For Early Head Start, Mashona Brown will be a Substitute Teacher at the Pleasant Valley location, Davelyn Watson, Teacher I at Pleasant Valley, and Corretta Pickens, Substitute Teacher at Pleasant


Ms. Melissa also submitted for approval, four prior new hire approvals from the Personnel Committee. After Discussion, Dementia Hall made a motion to approve the Personnel Report as presented. Carl Powe seconded the motion. Votes were recorded in the chat. The motion was carried.

Head Start

Annette Wimpey

Teacher Assistant

Reece Mill Road

Head Start

Cassandra Jenkins


North Franklin Road

Head Start

Angela Bell

Substitute Cook

Easley Bridge Road

Head Start

Jaminisha Cain

Substitute Teacher Assistant


Early Head Start

Davelyn Watson

Teacher I

Pleasant Valley

Early Head Start

Corietta Pickens

Substitute Teacher

Rubye H. Jones

Early Head Start

Mashona Brown

Substitute Teacher

Pleasant Valley


Ms. Shannon, Interim Head Start Director, shared this with the Council that there were no changes to the timetable from last school year. Tamika Rowe moved to approve the TimeTable as written.  Donnitta Robinson seconded the motion. Votes were recorded in the chat. The motion was carried.


Ms. Vaughn informed the Policy Council that we are currently finishing up year three and going into year four.  Goals are tracked every quarter. Year three ended June 30th, 2021. A lot of changes are due to COVID but the information submitted is information for year three. We are preparing to move into year four. Carl Powe moved to accept the Program Goals and School Readiness as written. Tamika Rowe seconded the motion. Votes were recorded in the chat. The motion was carried.


Ms. Patrice Hawthorne, Family Partnership Facilitator, shared that parent participation is still a concern. She presented and discussed the family engagement risk plan which includes strategies to increase parent participation. We are currently limiting face-to-face contact and are using the virtual option for parent participation. We are averaging 15-20 parents per meeting. How can participation be improved? The form shows different strategies that are currently being used and strategies that have been suggested as we move forward. It includes options for parents who cannot attend so that they still have access to the information. Ms. Patrice opened the door for any ideas to aid in improving parent participation.  Tamika Rowe moved to accept the Family Engagement Risk Plan as written.  Donnitta Robinson seconded the motion. Votes were recorded in the chat. The motion was carried.


Ms. Patrice presented the Triple P Action Plan and the Survey Results to the Council. The Triple P Action plan was updated to include various staff that will be assisting in the implementation of the curriculum. Our in-house Triple P Practitioners are providing sessions that includes skill building tips for parents and families. We are working on updating child-plus so that we can capture parent participation.  The family advocates will assist in documenting in their case notes. The committee is seeking ideas on how to increase participation. A triple p survey was presented to parents to determine the need for the curriculum and as a way to seek parent input about their parenting challenges.

Triple P Action Plan Survey Results:  The survey covered October -November and the survey was conducted to determine whether or not the Triple P Action Plan is needed. The survey was sent to each family at all twenty-one centers. Ms. Patrice shared some of the questions and answers with the committee. Based on the results of the survey, it was determined that the Triple P is needed and wanted by the parents. The council moved to continue to use Triple P for improving the parenting skills of our parents. It will also allow us to provide an evidence-based program for our parents. Tamika Rowe moved to approve the Triple P Action Plan and Survey Results as written.  Demetria Hall seconded the motion. Votes were recorded in the chat. The motion was carried.

Tameka Rowe asked if family advocates are sharing with the parents what their parent participation options are? Is there a script? The response from Ms. Patrice is yes, there is a script that the advocates are given to share with the parents. This question was asked, “Can there be a contract that parents sign at enrollment that says participating in meetings is a part of the enrollment agreement so it’s not viewed as a daycare but as a part of the program that develops both the parent and the child. Ms. Shannon responded by saying the agency wants to be careful of mandates. This is not something the office of Head Start is in favor of. We would prefer to assist parents with setting goals and encouraging them to participate in activities and events that supports their interest and needs. 

Patrice Hawthorne, Family Partnership Facilitator discussed our upcoming Shared Governance Training.  Training will take place on December 7- December 8th, 2021. This is a two-day training. There will be in-person and virtual options. All council representatives are strongly encouraged to attend. Carl Powe moved to accept Shared Governance training as information.   Demetria Hall seconded the motion. Votes were recorded in the chat. The motion was carried.


The Director’s Report was given by Shannon Vaughn, Interim Director of Children & Family Development.  She directed us to page 2 of the October 2021 director’s report.  Under Education, for a correction. Period One actually ended the day of the meeting, November 15, 2021. Page 3, CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System)

FA2 monitoring letters will be sent out to programs starting January 1, 2022.  CLASS monitoring has been canceled for this year but will resume in 2022. Ms. Vaughn discussed active supervision of the children and training that is being provided for staff.  Children enrolled with a disability should be at 10%.   Head Start is at 6.03% and Early Head Start is at 7.7%.   In the area of Nutrition, food chain supply issues continue to affect Head Start. Food prices are increasing and this will have an effect on the budget. The situation is being monitored.  Attendance and enrollment: COVID numbers have decreased and are remaining low. The numbers are still impacting attendance. Tamika Rowe moved to accept the Director’s Report as presented.  Angela Brown seconded the motion. Votes were recorded in the chat. The motion was carried.

BUDGET REVIEW:  The budget review was given by Ms. Doris Pitchford, Director of Business and Finance. Ms. Pitchford provided and update on the American Rescue Plan funds: About 27% has been spent. The bulk of the grant will be spent next summer. Consolidation Appropriations Act, 32% has been spent, time expired is 33%.  Head Start has spent 28% of the grant and Early Head Start has spent 29%, spending started in July so the time expired is about 33%.

Credit Card statements were reviewed and there were no questions.  Tamika Rowe moved to accept the Budget Review as written. Carl Powe seconded the motion. Votes were recorded in the chat. The motion was carried.

Seeking approval to use remaining funds of $79,895.00 from June 30, 2021 from Head Start COVID grant. We are requesting permission to move the balance forward to be used for retention and sign-on bonuses specifically for difficult positions to fill and to retain staff in those positions.  Demetria Hall moved to approve the request to move COVID funds forward to this year to use for employee retention and sign-on bonuses. Carl Powe seconded the motion. Votes were recorded in the chat. The motion was carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:34 PM by Vice Chair, Lakeisha Johnson

Recorded by Angela Brown, Secretary
LaKeisha Johnson, Vice Chair