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Policy Council Minutes March 2022

Submitted on: April 04, 2022

Monday, March 14, 2022

Angela Brown, Dorett Gunter, Carl Powe, Cherrie Kelly, Kanisha Davis, Krashanda Snead, Jana Bridges, Demetria Hall, Shashattia Banks, Satyn Gardner, Avis Neal, Yaniqua Eyabi, Skyler Banks, Donnittia Robinson, Donna Mansell, Rosalind Moss, Lakeisha Johnson

Members Absent:  Brittany Lyle, Janelly Ortiz, Megan Crocker, Crystal Gray, Brianna Williams, Brittany Money, Justin Grant, Jessica Godfrey, Melissa Gregory

Excused Absences:  Lisa Butler

Mini Training:  A mini training was provided for the Policy Council. Ms. Hawthorne prepared and detailed a list of questions to be prepared for regarding our upcoming Focus Area Two monitoring review.  Ms. Hawthorne shared questions with the Policy Council and provided examples on how to address questions.  Ms. Vaughn informed the Policy Council about their role and responsibilities. The Policy Council and Board share in decision making about our program.  There are numerous opportunities to give input into the program.  There is a flow of communication to the center level so that parents can understand what is taking place in our program. Ms. Vaughn explained that on-going monitoring is important for every service area.  Monitoring allows us to determine progress on program goals.  Our on-going monitoring data base is ChildPlus and DataSay.  Each month we share monitoring reports with the Policy Council and the Board. It is now time for our Self-Assessment which helps us to monitor our program’s strengths and weaknesses. A question was asked about how do we ensure professional development training for staff.  We have to ensure training for staff for DSS licensing. We conduct annual staff appraisals. Training is provided throughout year from our administrative staff, Region IV T/TA, state and national trainings. 

Ms. Patrice informed the Policy Council that the assistant secretary position is vacant if anyone is interested in serving. Patrice explained the role of the assistant secretary and asked the Policy Council if there were any questions.  After discussion, the floor was open to fill the position.  Rosalind Moss, parent at the Parker Center nominated herself for the position.  Dorett Gunter asked if there were any other nominations.  The Policy Council made a motion to approved Rosalind Moss as the assistant secretary.

The Policy Council meeting was called to order by Dorett Gunter, Chair.  A quorum was met.


The February 14th, 2022 minutes was presented to the Policy Council by Dorett Gunter. After discussion, Tamika Rowe moved to approve the minutes as presented. Jana Bridges seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box for approval. Motion carried.


The Personnel Report was given by Melissa Botsoe, Information Coordinator II.   All perspective new employees have been interviewed and being recommended for employment with our program. All applicants are subject to Background Investigation as mandated by the S.C. Department of Social Services. This includes State and Federal Background Investigation and the Child Registry Search to determine if any abuse or neglect has been made against a child and Pre-employment Drug Screenings. Also, we will conduct reference checks on all perspective new employees. Appointments are conditional based upon the receipt of satisfactory references, state, and federal background investigation and approval from the Head Start Policy Council. Each full-time employee must serve a three-month introductory probationary period before obtaining regular appointment status. Substitutes are on an as needed basis.  After discussion, Tamika Rowe moved to approve the personnel report as presented. LaKeisha Johnson seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box. The personnel report was approved as presented.





Education Credentials

Head Start

Melissa Dawkins

Teacher II

Golden Strip

Associate Degree: Early Childhood Education. She has 20+ years working with young children. She is a former SHARE Head Start parent.

Head Start

Brooke Hall

Teacher II

Willis H. Crosby

Associate Degree: Early Childhood Education. She has five years of experience working with children from birth to four-year-old.

Head Start

Carolyn Butler

Health Coordinator

Greenville Administration Office

Master Degree: Registered Nurse. She has 20+ years of experience working with young children and adults as a registered nurse in various health facilities. She is a former SHARE Head Start Health Coordinator.

Head Start

Soletha Jones

Substitute Teacher Assistant

Golden Strip

High School Diploma. She has 10+ years working with children from birth-three-years old.

Early Head Start

Genetta Weaver

Teacher II

Pleasant Valley

Associate Degree: Early Childhood Education. She has 20+ years of experience working with young children.

Early Head Start

Shenica Littlejohn

Substitute Teacher

Pleasant Valley

High School Diploma. She has experience babysitting young family members. She is interested in enrolling in the CDA Program to become a Teacher Assistant.


Shannon Vaughn informed the Policy Council that we are in the third year of our grant cycle. Next year will be the fourth year of our 5-year grant cycle.  We review our data and other program resources to make updates and changes in the annual grant application.  We consider data from our program goals and school readiness goals (See attachment). Ms. Vaughn introduced Rene Vaughn, Program Design Facilitator.  Ms. Rene Vaughn introduced herself to the Policy Council.  She reiterated that we use program data to determine if changes should be made to the grant.  She explained that data from our Community Assessment is heavily considered when writing and reviewing our grant.  COVID had a big impact on our program and will be included in our grant narrative. A member of the Policy Council asked was data used from both Head Start and Early Head Start and families. Ms. Vaughn explained that data is used from both program options and data collected on our families. After discussion, Carl Powe made a motion to approve the Grant Application Narrative as presented.  Tamika Rowe seconded the motion.  Votes were typed in the chat box. Motion carried.


Shannon Vaughn explained that our training plan is a part of the grant approval. The training plan is updated annually.  It entails required trainings for staff and parents. It is based on required trainings for DSS and the state. It also includes federal trainings from the Office of Head Start such as child abuse and neglect and cultural diversity & equity (See attachment).  The training plan outlines the different trainings that our staff is planning attend and the cost estimates and dates for trainings. Child outcomes and Family outcomes data and on-going monitoring is used to determine training needs for our staff, children and families.  Trainings are formal and informal with different speakers, in-house, outside trainers and our T/TA network. The newest training added to the training plan is the Pyramid Model.  We are partnering with state agencies to help implement and do a pilot program. We are looking at using the Pyramid Model to assist with Social and Emotional Development. Training will help us support teaching staff and children with challenging behaviors. After discussion, Tamika Rowe made a motion to approve the Training Plan as presented.  Jana Bridges seconded the motion. Votes were written in the chat box.  Motion carried. 


Patrice Hawthorne, Family Partnership Facilitator, informed the Policy Council that our Performance Standards requires us to provide a shared governance training for our board, policy council and management staff.  Ms. Hawthorne informed the council that a training was held in December 2021.  We are providing a second training opportunity for those that could not attend in December. It is recommended that new board members and policy council representatives attend the training.  The governance training is scheduled for April 27th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Anyone planning to attend the training is asked to confirm their attendance.  Training will be hybrid.  The zoom link is provided on the flyer (See attachment).  After discussion, Jana Bridges made a motion to accept the shared governance training as presented.  Tamika Rowe seconded.  Votes were typed in the chat box.  Motion carried.


Shannon Vaughn informed the Policy Council that it is time to perform our Self-Assessment.  This is a time when staff, board, policy council and community members can participate on teams to help us monitor service areas and the program as a whole.  Ms. Patrice will assist with putting together teams so that we can monitor and do some virtual visits at our centers.  We have identified 9 centers to focus on.  This will give the Board and Policy Council an opportunity to see how our program operates and to assist us with monitoring across service areas. Training will be provided late March or early April.

Ms. Vaughn informed the council that we are now in 2nd quarter of analyzing Child outcomes data. (See attachment). We conduct the COR assessment on the children to determine how children are progressing.  Children are making progress in each of the domains. We have 4 quarters which includes the summer months.  We are monitoring data on how teachers are advancing on their degree levels.  We are continuing to track children with disabilities.  We must have 10% of our children with a disability enrolled in our program. We are now looking at our actual enrollment instead of funded enrollment.  Next month we will include both actual and funded enrollment to help us better track children with disabilities.   All four counties are now at a low COVID spread rate.  In the last 3 weeks, we have only closed 3 classrooms compared to January and 2021 closings.   Ms. Patrice discussed Family outcomes.  She explained that family engagement is everybody’s responsibility.   There are 7 PFCE categories.   We have seen a slight increase (.3) in positive/parent child relationships. Families as lifelong educators increased by .6.  In family well-being, financial security and budgeting is identified as a need for our families.  We are seeing an increase in scores in this area. A Chance at Change is continuing to provide on-going financial literacy sessions for our families.  Ms. Vaughn informed the council that some of our HVAC systems needs to be replaced.  Many of the systems are outdated and is no longer working as they should.  We are now looking at enrollment numbers.  We are not fully enrolled due to staffing issues.  We are continuing to find staff to fill vacancies so that we can move towards full enrollment.  A question was asked by a Policy Council member concerning staff vacancies.  Ms. Vaughn informed the council that we have 81 staff vacancies. We have 10 pending new hires.  And 1 pending from another department in the agency.  Staffing is getting somewhat better. The fingerprint process is now faster which helps us to bring in staff quicker.  After discussion, Tamika Rowe made a motion to accept the Director’s report as presented.  Jana Bridges seconded the motion.  Votes were typed in the chat box.  Motion carried. 


The Budget Justification was provided by Doris Pitchford, Director of Business and Finance. We are in the process of completing our grant application for 2022-2023 which is due by April 1st.  Ms. Pitchford explained that the budget amount did not change from this current year and the budget for the 2022-2023 year. The net difference is zero. Ms. Pitchford explained budget categories. She informed the Policy Council that Personnel includes salaries, fringe benefits and indirect costs (See attachment). The new budget will begin July 1, 2022.  After discussion, Jana Bridges made a motion to accept and approve the budget as presented.  Tamika Rowe seconded the motion.  Motion carried.







Prior Year


Early Head Start


Prior Year

Net Difference










































































































































































Total Budget




























The Budget Review was provided by Doris Pitchford, Director of Business & Finance. The Policy Council received copies of the financial reports, CACFP and credit card expenditure reports (See attachments). Ms. Pitchford reviewed reports with the Policy Council and explained that year to date, time expired is 67%. We have spent 63% of our Head Start budget and 61% from our EHS budget. Budget percentages are in line with where we want to be this time of year. Of our two-year COVID budget, we have spent 33% of the American Rescue Plan budget and 62% of the Consolidated Appropriations Act budget which is also in line with this time of year.  After discussion, Jana Bridges approved the Budget as presented. LaKeisha Johnson seconded the motion. Votes were typed in the chat.  Motion carried. 

No further business, meeting adjourned.


Recorded by  Angela Brown, Secretary
Dorett Gunter, Chair