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Policy Council Minutes 9-12-2022

Submitted on: October 25, 2022

Monday, September 12, 2022

Members Present:  Angela Brown, Dorett Gunter, Carl Powe, Kanisha Davis, Yaniqua Eyabi, Satyn Gardner, Avis Neal, Demetria Hall, Donna Mansell, Rosalind Moss, Carl Powe, Lakeisha Johnson, Donnittia Robinson

Members Absent:  Cherrie Kelly-Sims, Janelly Ortiz, Megan Crocker, Crystal Gray, Brianna Williams, Brittany Money, Justin Grant, Jessica Godfrey, Melissa Gregory, Shashettia Banks, Krashanda Snead,

Excused Absences:  Lisa Butler


During the mini training, Ms. Patrice presented a Ready Rosie parent survey that gave insight on how parents felt about using electronic devices to communicate with their child’s teacher. The mobile device was very popular. Ready Rosie is a program that would allow curriculum to be shared with parents via a mobile device or laptop. Ms. Patrice and Ms. Shannon stressed the desire to provide the parents with multiple ways to communicate with teachers and a desire to meet the parents where they are. Mr. William, guest speaker and consultant with Ready Rosie provided the council with more information about the Ready Rosie program and its benefits. The program is a platform for administrators, teachers and parents. It is a digital platform that provides information and videos aligned with Head Start standards to assist parents with ideas to support and reinforce the curriculum in the classroom and at home. One of the highlights was an at-home role play video with a child identifying letters. The lesson required minimal materials and can easily be done at home. Again, meeting families where they are. Cost associated with the program will be discussed during next month’s meeting.

The Policy Council meeting was called to order by Dorett Gunter, Chair. A quorum was met.


The approval of August 15, 2022 minutes was presented by Dorett Gunter.   Satyn Gardner moved to approve the minutes as presented and LaKeisha Johnson seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box.  Motion carried.


The Personnel Report was presented by Ms. Melissa Botsoe. Seeking approval for five prospective new employees. Nikia Calhoun, Family Advocate III-Children’s Center B, Courtney Davis, Teacher III- BHW, Linda Harrison, Childcare Worker- North Franklin Road, Shelby Smith, Substitute Teacher-Flat Rock, and Jaletta Jones, Substitute Teacher Asst.-North Franklin Road. Carl Powe moved the approve the Personnel Report as presented. Lakeisha Johnson seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box. Motion was carried. 





Education Credentials

Head Start

Nikia Calhoun

Family Advocate III

Children’s Center “B”

Bachelor Degree: Psychology. She has one year of experience working as a customer service leader. She is a recent college graduate.

Head Start

Courtney Davis

Teacher III


Bachelor Degree: Early Childhood Education/Family Studies. She has three years of experience working with three- and four-year-old preschoolers.

Head Start

Linda Harrison

Child Care Worker

North Franklin Road

Associate Degree:  Early Childhood Education. She has 30 years of experience working with preschoolers. She is a former SHARE Head Start Teacher Assistant.

Head Start

Shelby Smith

Substitute Teacher Assistant

Flat Rock

Associate Degree: Human Services. She has four years of experience working with young children at a child care facility. She is currently a SHARE Head Start parent.

Head Start

Jaletta Jones

Substitute Teacher Assistant

North Franklin Road

High School Diploma. She has experience with babysitting and raising young children.


The Self-assessment Update was presented by Shannon Vaughn, Head Start Director. The Management team met and took a look at outcomes of service areas.  The completed report will be done soon and will be presented to the Policy Council for approval at next month’s meeting. The PIR was completed in August and Policy Council will receive PIR reports by mail for Head Start and Early Head Start. Lakeisha Johnson moved to accept the Self-Assessment Update as information. Charles Powe seconded the motion. Votes were submitted in the chat box. Motion carried.


The Ready Rosie parenting curriculum update was presented by Patrice Hawthorne, Family Partnership Facilitator. The Ready Rosie survey was shared with parents and over 95% responded by stating that they would participate in the curriculum. We will present an implementation plan for approval at next month’s meeting, so expect more on Ready Rosie. Satyn Gardner moved to accept the Ready Rosie Curriculum Update as information.  Demetria Hall seconded the motion. Votes were submitted in the chat box. Motion carried.


The Director’s Report was presented by Ms. Shannon Vaughn, Head Start Director.  Ms. Vaughn highlighted the five learning domains. Approaches to Learning, Social & Emotional Development, Language & Literacy, Cognition, and Perceptual, Motor & Physical Development all of which are data we share related to child outcomes. She shared the progress for all age groups and asked that everyone review the charts. The data is collected through the Child Observation Record (COR) which is the online assessment tool. Pages 4-6 shows the data of certain groups such as children with IEPs, language and ethnicity, etc.  to address their needs.  Ms. Shannon also made note of the NAEYC on-site visits reinstatement. NAEYC visits were suspended due to COVID.  NAEYC will be reinstated, and some centers will need to renew their accreditation. Ms. Shannon discussed community outreach. SHARE Head Start staff attended events such as the 6th Annual Back2School Block Party at West Greenville Community Center. SHARE hosted their own Block Party at the Westside Center in Anderson Center. SHARE participated in Family Fun Day presented by the Greenville Drive. These events are an opportunity for SHARE to talk about Head Start and the programs and services that we offer. Finally, Ms. Shannon shared, from page 26, a hiring update. The chart showed a list of current vacancies. Hiring potential employees is still a challenge.  Our program’s total vacancies are at 93. SHARE is continuing to recruit and interview to fill these vacancies Carl Powe moved to approve the Director’s Report as presented. Demetria Hall seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box. Motion carried.


The Budget Review was presented by Doris Pitchford, Director of Business & Finance. Ms. Pitchford presented budget reports for Head Start, Early Head Start and COVID dollars (American Rescue Plan and Consolidated Appropriations Act). Head Start and Early HS budgets are still under 17%. This is because when the new budget starts July 1st, several of the employees are still home during the summer months.  There were on questions. The YTD shows 8.93%. The percentages will increase now that staff are back in session. The report also included the credit card reports. Ms. Doris asked the Policy Council did they have any questions about the credit card reports that they received.  There were no questions or concerns. Satyn Gardner moved to approve the Budget Review as presented. Charles Powe seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box. Motion carried.

Ms. Patrice Hawthorne closed out the meeting, by thanking everyone for their participation on the council and invited everyone to next month’s meeting as we elect new officers. She invited those who are interested in participating and holding a position to put forth their names. The Policy Council will elect community representatives and will nominate policy council officers. Additionally, she shared upcoming meetings and events for the families to include, Ladies Lounge, Wise Readers Book Challenge, Financial Literacy and Monthly Parent Café Meetings, just to name a few. All events will appear in the Parent Portal.

Dorett Gunter adjourned the meeting.

Recorded by Angela Brown, Secretary
Dorett Gunter, Chair