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Impact and Success Stories
Paris Hill

Paris Hill- Ms. Hill is in college taking applied science and business management. She wants to become a mortician. She works full time and is a single mom of two children. She has a daughter that attends Watkins Road Early Start. Her other daughter is in the fourth grade. In addition, Ms. Hill has plans in the future to start her own vegan restaurant. She has started an online business where her children design items to sell. The business name is Tarajii ILynd Boutique. They are on Instagram as Tarajii_ILynd. This parent is setting goals for her children and herself. She continues to work towards her goals.

Rovanda Dunlap

Rovanda Dunlap- Ms. Dunlap participates in The LADDER program at SHARE. She is taking Phlebotomy classes. She is serves on the Policy Council. On February 19, 2021, Ms. Dunlap obtained her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification from Goodwill Industries. She attends parenting and financial classes at the Dream Center in Pickens County. Ms. Dunlap wants to become a homeowner. She is currently participating in financial literacy classes offered through A Change at Change. She is proud to say that her credit score continues to increase as she is making necessary changes to her debt ratio. She sees every challenge as an opportunity to reach her goals.

Brian Quinones

Brian Quinones- Mr. Quinones is a great father. He is very engaged in his daughter's life and education at Watkins Road Early Start. He is always available and excited to help out in any situation that is needed. He enjoys cooking and spending time with his family. He set a goal to become Head Chef at his place of employment. Through all of his hard work and dedication, he has accomplished his goal of becoming a chef.


Hi my name is Kristy, I am the mom of Karly and Kayden. As a child, I went to Head Start and now both of my kids are enrolled in the program. At the beginning of the school year things were a little rocky, but I had goals to achieve. One goal for this past school year was to have a bigger home for me and my children. I am proud to say that I was able to reach this goal by working a lot of long hours at work. My other goal for this year was to get a better job or a raise. I love my job, and work as hard as I can. After being at my job for a year and a half, I was able to accomplish getting a raise! This has helped our family so much this past year! My oldest daughter graduated from the BHW on June 10th, 2021 and will be transitioning to public school. Then my youngest son will still be attending the BHW center. He will be transitioning from Early Head Start to Head Start in the fall. We can't wait to see what's in store for us next year!


Raven is a single mother whose child attends the Simpson center. She has worked really hard during the COVID -19 pandemic. She is enrolled in real estate classes. Her goal is to have her Realtor license in a few months. We are so proud of her and all of her hard work.

Ashley Woolwine

Ashley Woolwine - Ms. Ashley became a Clemson Head Start parent halfway through this program year while the children were learning virtually. From the start, she did not squander any opportunities for herself or her child. She participated in multiple parenting trainings and meetings, including financial literacy and Triple P. She had trouble with transportation and made it her goal to obtain a reliable vehicle this program year. Despite this obstacle, she has made it to every center meeting and has worked with staff on dropping off documents, picking up food and educational materials, and meeting with teachers when needed. She achieved her first goal when she saved enough to buy a safe, reliable car for her and her child. Since then, she started a second goal to find full-time employment and we are proud to say she completed that goal as well! She is hoping to go back to school in the near future to complete her BA in Accounting. She has already started researching and communicating with some schools. We truly admire her commitment and dedication. Ms. Ashley is a prime example of a parent who will stop at nothing to make sure her child receives a quality education and head start in life. Jasmine

Jasmine Doneitha Smith

Jasmine Doneitha Smith - Jasmine Smith currently has a child enrolled at the BHW center. Ms. Smith has always wanted the very best for her family. She worked with her Family Advocate and established the goal of obtaining her GED. Ms. Smith put in the hard work and never lost focus on her goals. We are proud to say that she received her GED June 17, 2021. Jasmine set another goal to receive her certification is Medical Billing and Coding. Again, she put in the work and studied for the examination. Ms. Smith is passed the exam and is now certified.

Angela Sadler

Angela sadler is a single parent of two children at the pickens center. Ms. Sadler set a goal in 2018 to enroll in Greenville Technical College, majoring in nursing. She is currently working at Prisma Health at Easley Baptist as a medical surgical tech. While continuing nursing courses at Greenville Tech. Angela is enrolled in clinicals and is scheduled to become a registered nurse in August 2021. Angela stated that having staff from Early Head Start and Head Start in her life really helped her succeed in becoming the person she is today. She is a proud and loving mom. She will continue to work very hard to provide for her children so they will not have to struggle in life.

Shavonna Laning

Ms. Shavonna Laning is the mother of four children. She has 2 children in the SHARE program. One attends North Greenville Head Start and the other attends Watkins Road Early Head Start. She has one child in high school (who also attended North Greenville Head Start), as well as another in middle school. During the pandemic Ms. Shavonna worked a full -time job, and managed to be a part of her children's educational goals. Ms. Shavonna joined all Zoom Classes with both children at the SHARE program. She attended The Ladies Lounge, The Parent Cafe, Financial Literacy Classes, The Triple P Classes and Cooking with Chef Kelvin.