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LADDER Program

254 S. Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville SC (864) 527-8990

In one of our efforts to address the root causes of poverty and need in Greenville City's and Greenville County's Special Emphasis Neighborhoods, SHARE's Community Development division has partnered with several local residents, officials, employers and agencies to develop a Comprehensive Jobs Training/Improvement and Placement program called Lifelong Advancement through Diligence, Determination and Employment Resources (LADDER).

LADDER is comprehensive in its approach as it addresses each individual participant's needs through utilization of the program network. This approach assists each participant in removing the barriers that diminish their chances of success.

LADDER complements a community-wide effort to improve the living conditions of low and moderate income residents by affording them options focused on long-term results. Participants are recruited from neighborhoods currently impacted by revitalization efforts. This optimizes opportunities for neighborhood residents to benefit from the revitalization while reducing displacement. The program also promotes the HUD Act of 1968, Section 3 requirements in directing job opportunities to low and very low income residents in government-assisted projects.

Sunbelt Human Advancement Resources, Inc. (SHARE) administers the LADDER program which assesses individual participants in forming unique "employment plans" geared at removing barriers to gaining family-wage employment. Community Development and SHARE have partnered with more than thirty (37) local service providers and employers to offer pragmatic training that addresses current job market demands

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Eligible participants must reside within Greenville City or Greenville County, be at least 18 years of age, and earn less than 80% of area family median income.

An individualized Case Management Approach is utilized to provide:

  • Outreach and Recruitment
  • Counseling and Assessment
  • Skills Training
  • Supportive Services
  • Job Placement

The LADDER program is for someone who wishes to:

  • Increase Earnings
  • Establish Self-Sufficiency
  • Further Basic Education Skills
  • Acquire Job Skills Training
  • Obtain Job Placement Assistance
  • Receive Supportive Services
  • Obtain Financial Assistance