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Board of Directors

Paul Wickensimer
Mr. William K. Brooks
Kenneth Dill
Rev. Kenneth Dill
Mary Duckett
Ms. Mary Duckett
Stephanie Enders
Mrs. Stephanie Enders
Yaniqua Thomas
Mrs. Yaniqua Eyabi
Isaac Johnson
Hon. Isaac Johnson
Maury Mattison
Mr. Maury Mattison
Renea Mayes-Rice
Mrs. Renea Mayes-Rice
Xanthene Norris
Hon. Xanthene Norris
Cortney Burgess
Mr. Cortney Burgess
Tom Whitted
Mr. Tom Whitted
Kenneth Gibson
Hon. Kenneth Gibson
Shelia Brooks
Mrs. Shelia Brooks
Beverly Smith
Ms. Beverly Smith
Crystal McDowell
Ms. Crystal McDowell
Stephen Stokes
Mr. Stephen Stokes