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Policy Council Minutes November 2020

Submitted on: December 15, 2020

Policy Council Minutes

November 16, 2020

Members Present:  Sylvia Vandross, Corine Schreiber, Dorett Gunter, Lisa Butler, LaKeisha Johnson, Donnitta Robinson, Tiffany Norris, Brittany Lyle, Rovanda Dunlap, Sandra Harrison

Members Absent:  Lily Farciert, Ivette Vasquez, Sharterria Rucker, Cris Robinson, Millicent Glenn, Ivory Beaty, Kanisha Davis, Bethany Stokes, Malcolm Wiley, Donna Mansell, Leslie Witschi, Lashell Davis, Bretani Robinson                                                                                  

Excused Absence:  LaShun Martin, Yaniqua Eyabi

The meeting was called to order by Dorett Gunter, Chairperson.  A quorum was met.

- The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed by the Policy Council (See Attachment). Sylvia Vandross made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  LaKeisha Johnson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

The Personnel Report was given by Dorett Gunter, Chair.   All Perspective New Employees have been interviewed and being recommended for employment with our program. All applicants are subject to Background Investigation as mandated by the S.C. Department of Social Services. This includes State and Federal Background Investigation and the Child Registry Search to determine if any abuse or neglect has been made against a child and Pre-employment Drug Screenings. Also, we will conduct reference checks on all perspective new employees. Appointments are conditional based upon the receipt of satisfactory references, state, and federal background investigation and approval from the Head Start Policy Council. Each full-time employee must serve a three-month introductory probationary period before obtaining regular appointment status. Substitutes are on an as needed basis.  After discussion, Lisa Butler made a motion to approve the perspective employees as presented.  Sylvia Vandross seconded the motion.  Motion carried.





Head Start/Early Head Start

Ashley Anderson

Substitute Cook


 Early Head Start


Maria Mora



Head Start/Early Head Start

Cassandra Webb

Substitute Cook


The Triple P Parenting Curriculum update was provided by Patrice Hawthorne, Family Partnership Facilitator and Dr. Gayle Ford, Career Specialist. Ms. Hawthorne informed the Policy Council that program data was collected on the needs of our Head Start parents, families and staff.  Data revealed that there was great concern from parents on how to manage children with difficult behaviors.  This was also a concern for our teaching staff who have seen an increase in the number of children in classrooms with challenging and/or difficult behaviors.   Ms. Hawthorne discussed that after researching several parenting curriculums, Triple P was selected to meet the needs of our program. The curriculum is a family support system designed to prevent and treat behavioral and emotional problems in children.  Dr. Gayle Ford is a trained Triple P Practitioner in levels 2 & 3.  Through a partnership with Greenville First Steps, Dr. Ford provides training to parents & families on Positive Parenting, Building Confidence and Raising Resilient Children.  Ms. Hawthorne coordinates level 4 small group sessions with Livell Paul, Triple P Practitioner, Independent Contractor.  Triple P classes are also provided through the Bradshaw Institute. Ms. Hawthorne explained that although there is an identified need for parenting sessions, parent participation is a challenge.  Our program is working to find strategies, such as offering incentives, to increase parent and family participation in our program.  After discussion, Sylvia Vandross made a motion to accept the Triple P Curriculum update.  Rovanda Dunlap seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 

Tobita Posley-McKinney, Director of Children and Family Development, presented the Director’s Report.  The October Monthly report was emailed to the Policy Council which provides information from each service area in Head Start and Early Head Start.  Ms. Posley-McKinney asked if the Policy Council members if they had any questions regarding the following information from the monthly report. The teaching staff are doing well with the new COR Advantage assessments and data is being uploaded into the system.  We are now beginning to help get families connected to the system through COR@Home.  This feature in the system allows parents/guardians to view their child’s portfolio and upload pictures/videos of learning they see taking place at home.  The teacher can use this evidence and rate it for content related to learning.  This feature helps to further build the school to home connection.  Teachers are completing a weekly lesson with each child, and then doing group socializations that assist with having the children acquainted with other children in the virtual classroom.  The lessons for the month of October include:  All About Me; A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch; Whoo Said the Owl; and Spiders.  The teachers report that the lessons are going well and they feel the children are learning a lot.  Materials are being sent home biweekly, so the children will have resources at home to further their learning.  These materials include items for:  writing, drawing, painting, gluing, etc.  We feel this gives each child similar opportunities as in-person classes.   In the area of Health, assessments of children with chronic illnesses, and potential contagious conditions as well as health documents including health history, immunizations, physical exams and dental exams are om-going.  Staff are ensuring that children receive all recommended immunizations. 99 % of pre-school children and 97 % of infants and toddlers are currently up-to-date on required immunizations (See Attachment).  Ms. Hawthorne informed the Policy Council on the importance of participating in our annual Program Governance training.  Training will be provided by Jinny Smith, Fiscal Consultant, on November 23rd & 24th. After discussion, Rovando Dunlap made a motion to accept the Director’s report as presented.  LaKeisha Johnson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

The Budget Review was provided by Tammy Gore, Assistant Director of Finance. The Policy Council received copies of detailed financial reports and credit card expenditure reports. Ms. Gore informed the Council that we have received a waiver for the CACFP program due to COVID-19. The waiver excuses us from CACFP center monitoring from April 2020- September 2021.  Ms. Gore provided training to the Policy Council on the financial process and how to read financial reports.  She informed the Policy Council that they must provide input into the budget.  They will receive information and will provide input into the budget, grant opportunities and expenditures.   She explained line items on the Summary Expenditure and the Credit Card Expenditure Reports (See Attachments). Ms. Gore informed the Policy Council that they will receive a copy of a detailed financial report quarterly. After discussion of the financial process and reports, Brittany Lyle accepted the financial reports as information. Sandra Harrison seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

No further business, meeting adjourned.

Recorded by Brittany Lyle, Secretary
Dorett Gunter, Chair