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Policy Council Minutes - May 16, 2022

Submitted on: July 15, 2022

Monday, May 16, 2022

Members Present:  Angela Brown, Dorett Gunter, Carl Powe, Cherrie Kelly, Kanisha Davis, Yaniqua Eyabi, Satyn Gardner, Avis Neal, Demeatria Hall, Tamika Rowe, Kendra Harris, Brittany Lyle, Donna Mansell, Rosalind Moss, Lakeisha Johnson

Excused Absences: Lisa Butler

Prior to the meeting, Ms. Hawthorne took us through a tour of the SHARE website and highlighted the vital parent sections of the site. She also pointed out where to find upcoming events and past meeting minutes for anyone interested in reviewing the Policy Council discussions

There was also a self-introduction of the new policy council members who were present: Kendra Harris and Brittany Lyle.

The Policy Council meeting was called to order by Dorett Gunter, Chair. A quorum was met.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Approval of April 18, 2022, minutes was presented by Dorret Gunter.  Yaniqua Eyabi raised concern about her name being omitted from the April meeting attendance. Council agreed to revise the minutes and approve as presented with pending changes. Tamika Rowe moved to approve the minutes with pending changes and Angela Brown seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box.  Motion carried.


The Personnel Report was presented by Tara Cannon, Director of Human Resources. Two candidates were presented. Jennifer Stewart, Teacher II candidate at Golden Strip and Brittany Chapman, Family Advocate candidate at Rubye H. Jones. Lakeisha Johnson moved to approve the personnel report as presented. Brittany Lyle seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box. Motion carried.


Categorical Eligibility And Selection Criteria For Snap was presented by Shaylunn Tolbert,  Social Services Facilitator. Snap benefits are now a categorical eligible component, a change imposed by the government. Previously SNAP was included as part of the community assessment.  Points were awarded for SNAP recipients but now with the new government changes, SNAP is included in “Other Factors” Instead of 40 points, they will now receive 100 points. It is now considered public assistance. The changes have been made in the database. SNAP recipients were already income eligible, but this moves them up the ranks for placement eligibility on the waitlist. This is effective immediately. Carl Powe moved to approve the changes made on the categorical eligibility and selection criteria for SNAP. Lakeisha Johnson seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box. Motion carried.


The 2021-2022 Budget provision was presented by Doris Pitchford. The purpose of the revision is to cover items in the budget that were under funded, to include building repairs, supplies, equipment, and “Contractual” categories. The request is to move $1,058,341 from Salaries and Fringe Benefits to the aforementioned items.

Questions: Will the funds take away jobs? Where will the funds go? Can you explain “Contractual Category?

Response from Ms. Pitchford: Transfer of funds will not take away jobs or positions.  Destination of funds is broken down (see chart). Contractual Category is already over budget. Ms. Pitchford stated she doesn’t need to move money to this category although it would be good to have it there to balance out the category and for future expenses.

A separate approval will be sent to policy council members for approval.

After the discussion and clarification, there were no further questions. Tamika Rowe moved to approve the 2021-2022 Budget Revision. Carl Powe seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box. Motions was carried.


The Director’s Report was presented by Ms. Shannon Vaughn.  Ms. Vaughn highlighted page 2 of the report. The staff will be participating in a pilot program with NTI that deals with helping our children with social and emotional wellness. All teachers will be given training on the Pyramid Model. Activities with Tucker Turtle is one example. COVID and the amount of isolation has made this a much-needed service for our children.

Ms. Shannon highlighted actual enrollment versus funded enrollment. Early Head Start is at 10.8 % which is right at the 10% required but Head Start is below funded enrollment at 8.0 %. A waiver will need to be submitted if the required 10% is not met by next month.

The goal to decrease obesity in our children has been ongoing. There was a questionnaire submitted to the families to assist with healthy eating, healthy choices, and more movement. Ms. Vaughn highlighted Paris Hill who was awarded the Ron Herndon Scholarship for Head Start parents. Ms. Patrice and board members accompanied her in Baltimore, Maryland to receive her award. Also, A Chance at Change received the Region IV 2021-2022 Humanitarian Award.

Angela Brown moved to approve the Director’s Report as presented. Carl Powe seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box. Motion was carried.

BUDGET REVIEW: The Budget Review was presented by Doris Pitchford. Ms. Pitchford took a moment to further explain the “Contractual” Category from the Budget Revision. She pointed to the overages in various categories.

There were no questions. Carl Powe moved to approve the Budget Review as presented. Demetria Hall seconded the motion. Votes were submitted to the chat box. Motion carried.

Ms. Hawthorne reminded everyone of the Parent Policy Council Recognition Luncheon.

Charles Powe moved the adjourn the meeting and Angela Brown seconded the motion. Dorett Gunter adjourned the meeting.

Recorded by: Angela Brown, Secretary

Dorett Gunter, Chair




















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